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Cooking Circles

Family traditions of gathering together to prepare food are sacred to our souls.

Come be a part of a cooking circle and 
connect with others while filling your belly with  delicious food.

Cooking Circles
Join us!


Events at the Table

There are few things as connecting as gathering with friends around a table to share food together.

Join us for a meal and nourish your body with food and your spirit with soulful connection.

Garden Parties

at The Divine Life Playhouse every summer and fall for 4 weeks in a row.

 Food Truck

Are you hungry? We prepare food each week to share with our community.   Our old garden truck "Dorthy Gertrude"

carries around baskets of fresh food to share with you.  
Follow us on instagram or facebook to see where we are dropping the tailgate to share food with you next.

CommUNITY Garden

Get your hands in the dirt in our community garden.

Our little urban garden is overflowing with fresh vegetables, teas, and herbs

Join us for
"Dirty Tuesdays"

Come learn how to grow your own food & play in the garden with us.
CommUNITY Garden Group

June 30, 2017

Blueberry Beet Gazpacho in the making... now it's chillin in the fridge for tonight's Summer Garden Party. #gazpacho #summerslowdown#highenergyfood #eatbeautifulfood #divinelifekitchen

June 16, 2017

Vegetables are BEAUTIFUL! #eatbeautifulfood #highenergyfood #vegan#divinelifekitchen

The Gazpacho Bar is all set up for tonight's first Summer Garden Party. I can't wait to sit and eat all this plant centric food with the Tribe tonight.#divinelifekitchen #plantcentricfood#communitytable

The first batch of dressings for friends and family to taste test. Ummhmmmm. #divinelifekitchen

Q : What's your favorite summer picnic food ?? Here's a throwback to some grilled watermelon with sliced jalapeños and feta crumbles. It's a surprise of flavor in your mouth. #picnictime#divinelifekitchen #summerfood

Friday afternoon snacking on our cherries & chocolate trail mix. Happy tastebuds. 

#highenergyfood #snacks #divinelifekitchen

There's some kinda happy thing that happens when slicing into the first watermelon of the year... juicy. So pretty. And it was shared with a friend on the front porch in the sunshine... with juice dripping down our chins. As it should be.

#purepleasure#watermelon #sprin...

April 23, 2017

We have high energy snacks now. 
• boost bars! • trail mix • nut trio • 
Fuel for your body between meals.

#divinelifekitchen #dontforgettoeat#plantcentricfood #highenergyfood #snacks

February 24, 2017

Eating blueberries one slow bite at a time. 
Savoring each one. 
I am here, now. 

#mindfulmoment #divinelifekitchen

February 15, 2017

Our version of a "Double Stack-To Go" hard boiled eggs on top, carrots and celery on the bottom. Perfect snack food for the car while out running errands today.

#fastfood #loveyourbelly#highenergyfood #divinelifekitchen

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July 13, 2017

June 30, 2017

June 29, 2017

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