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Cooking Circles

We have cooking circles throughout the year to bring people together around the table for community connection while preserving  & preparing food together.    
We follow the seasons and preserve foods that are abundant in the garden and at the local farmers markets.

Find out when we are doing our next Cooking Circle, by checking our calendar. at The Divine LIfe Playhouse retreat house. 

You must pre-register for a spot in the circle because food supplies must be prepared before you arrive.

I grew up going down into my grandmas' cellar and looking through the pantry shelves to pick out family preserved vegetables and fruits. 
Grandma  Jane "Mawmaw,"  made the very best jams, jellies, and pickles.  Grandma Eva had peaches, tomatoes, and green beans for days.  


I loved going to pick out those jars to take home, but even more so,  I loved sitting around the table with my aunts when they were coming together to prepare everything to be canned or preserved. I can still see the big kitchen table covered in bowls, and I can still hear their voices as they shared their stories and figured out the world together.  These are the traditions we are keeping alive at our Cooking Circles.


Stemming Strawberries
& Making Strawberry Shortcake

Making Fried Dandelions

Blackberry Picking Field Trip

to pick berries and freeze


Green Bean Snapping &

Making Pickles

Making & Canning Pesto

Making Fried Green Tomatoes


Making Apple Butter

Making Infused Butter & Herb Salts

great for holiday gifts


Family Traditions
Seasonal Cooking Circles
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