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Conscious Eating
Mindful Meals

About mindful meals....

What is conscious eating?

Food is life.

{This page is still being developed }
High Energy Food Made with Love

  • Locally Grown

  • Consciously Sourced

  • Garden & Farm Picked

  • Kind to the Environment
  • Compostable

  • Generously Nutrient Dense

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Grain Free

  • Raw

  • Low Sugar

Plant Centric Food is created around the centrifuge of PLANTS!
Plants are the core ingredient.

We love creating delicious food that is centered around :


Fresh Eats

Divine Life Kitchen
Cook Book -coming soon

Our Cookbook will be
available at:
The Divine Life Playhouse

& Online in Digital Format


Everyone keeps asking for a cookbook... 
The truth is, it takes a lot of energy to tend the gardens, prepare food every week, sell houses, and run programs at The Divine Life Playhouse.    We have been gathering all the recipes though, and a cook book and recipe boxes are in the works. 

It takes time to roll out your dreams...  It comes in bits and pieces, phases and creative bursts. Thats how we like it around here!  :)

Stay posted.  We  have recorded cooking videos that we haven't yet shared either.  
Hopefully we can roll it all into a plant-centric cooking experience to share with you soon. 
Until then follow us on facebook and instagram.     xo Leslie

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