Conscious Eating

What is conscious eating?

Food is life.  We are bringing consciousness to eating!  Whatever you choose to eat, is it giving your body what you need?  

Full Spectrum Eating

Here at Divine Life Kitchen

there really is no separation between the garden and the kitchen, or the recipe and our bodies.  We are all so connected!

This food is delicious of course, yet the most wondrous thing about being with the food, is exploring our connection to all that is!

Our gardens are full of life! 

The vegetables are full of LIGHT!  

The creating of recipes if full of vitality.

This is a WHOLE experience of our connection to everything and everyONE.

Mindful Meals

We like exploring what happens when we slow down and bring presence and awareness to our food, meals, and our time nourishing our bodies. 

Just a simple pause or a slow bite can change the whole experience of eating. 

Just taking a moment to look in the eyes of the people we share a meal with can change the whole experience of eating together.  

Playful Meals

Food can really be Fun!

We can be playful and laugh our way through the recipes.   I love to dance and sing while in the kitchen.  


It is all a CREATIVE process.


WE are allowed to change up ingredients, explore flavor variations and just be easy going as we make our meals.

High Energy Food Made with Love

Leslie Indigo Alison

Plant Centric Food Artist

& Visionary for Vibrancy


Plant Centric Food is created around the centrifuge of PLANTS!
Plants are the core ingredient.

We love creating delicious food that is centered around :


  • Locally Grown

  • Consciously Sourced

  • Garden & Farm Picked

  • Kind to the Environment
  • Compostable

  • Generously Nutrient Dense

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Grain Free

  • Raw

  • Low Sugar


Fresh Eats

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We love gathering around the table
or a picnic blanket together!

It's all about CONNECTION. 

Connection to our selves, our circle of community, the earth that grows our food, the creative process of making meals.   We are connected every bit of the way.


WE are all SO Connected!

more dinners and picnics announced soon



Cookbook Coming Soon

Everyone keeps asking for a cookbook...  


Ok!  We are working on it.   Better said... we are PLAYING on it!

We have been gathering all the recipes and a cookbook + recipe boxes is in the works.  Its coming right along now!

It takes time to roll out your dreams...  It comes in bits and pieces, phases and creative bursts. That's how we like it around here!  :)

Stay posted.  We  have been recording cooking videos to share too.

Hopefully we can roll it all into a plant-centric cooking experience to share with you soon. 
Until then follow us on facebook and instagram.     xo Leslie Indigo