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Gather with those you love : sitting down to eat together

We decided to do an impromptu dinner in the backyard at The Divine Life Playhouse. A good friend wanted several of us to come together to make the meal. We all headed out to get the ingredients and then each took our part in the creation of the meal. Setting the table, lighting the candles, turning on the music, chopping the ingredients, serving the plates.... I stood by the table right before we sat down and thought to myself: We could be sitting in a restaurant somewhere right now, but instead we are having a lazy evening under the tree leaves with food so beautiful it appears I am at the best outdoor patio in town. It really wasn't that much work to put this meal together. In fact, we had fun preparing it together. It just takes slowing down and savoring the moment a bit. Making the simple things special.





Take a deep breath before you start to prepare food.  Get yourself fully in the present moment so you can enjoy all the sensual pleasures of the food.



Let yourself have some freedom in the kitchen.   There is no one way to do any dish.  I often make little changes each time I make even a tried-and -true dish.    Let your taste buds lead you each time.   Maybe today you want a little more lemon or you want to toss in fresh herbs from the garden.

Be free!



Give GRATITUDE with the first bite. 
Take a pause.  Enjoy every nuisance of the flavors.   Give gratitude for the effort of farmers,  grocery hands,  your own hands, and the planet for giving you this food.

Thank you SOURCE, God.  Thank you. 

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