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The Divine Life Playhouse
Garden Party
Series 2022

Thursday June 9th

Thursday June 16th

CommUNITY Connection Around the Table

Join us in the backyard at The Divine Life Playhouse for Summer Garden Parties

The doors open at 7:00 pm.

Food will be served at 7:30 pm.  We will all be sitting together at the table for about 45 minutes, so make sure to arrive in time to have the meal together.

Connection with friends around the fire-pit, art stations,
and camper will go until 10pm.


The Garden Parties are all about celebrating locally grown, garden & farm fresh foods. We eat plant-centric around here and slow down to really enjoy our food and time with friends. It's really all about connection with your community around a table under the starry summer sky. ~*~*~ <3


Around here we are easy on the alcohol and high on clarity and presence. You may bring a bottle of wine to share if you like. There will be plenty of lemonade and sparkling drinks for everyone.


Staying Cool is an Option...

Table 4 is "The Cool Table" inside where the AC is running cold.  If its too hot for you outside, you are welcome to relax inside with other guests. 


We have plenty of room inside, so Garden Parties will happen rain or shine. 

Each week we will have icy drinks and frozen coconut cream for desert.... because it is Summer!

20 Tickets/Seats Each Week
Please Purchase in Advance

Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible because there are only 20 seats each week.


Tickets purchased in advance are $20. We are greatly helped out by your advance purchase when planning how much food is needed.


If there are any seats left the day of the event, the cost is $30 at the door.
(please confirm open seats - there is often a waiting list)

* please note this event is for adults 21 and over only please*

Wear comfortable outdoor clothes. 
Come as you are.   Be yourself &relax.

No need to bring anything.  Everything is provided.

Learn About Local Farms

We believe in supporting local farmers and growing as much of our own food as we can.   This year we are going to have a big CSA basket from a different farm each week so you can get to know your local farmers.   

We will be giving away veggies from the CSA basket all night until they are gone. 

Start Growing Your Own Food
Take Home Veggies from a
Local CSA Basket

We will have a planting station at the Garden Parties with seeds to plant and take home with you.  You can start right where you are to *Grow Your Own Food.* 

You can start with growing herbs in your kitchen.

We will also have flowers and microgreens to plant and take home with you.
A simple but a delicious start!

Connect with People in the Present Moment
Experiment with a Phone Pocket while Here - Unplug for Awhile

Garden Parties are all about being in the present moment and letting your senses be delighted in every way, while connecting with people in meaningful experiences.



Try putting your phone away for 15 minutes or more and just being in the moment.

Get Information on Local Farmers Markets
Enjoy Creative Play
& Collaborative Art

Each week we will have a different creative project for you to do on your own or in collaboration with other people at the party.

Eat Plant Centric Food

The Garden Parties started simple several years ago.   We wanted to gather people together around nutritious plant centric food.   We wanted to give people a chance to try vegetarian and vegan food in a playful and fun experience.  More than anything we wanted to promote connection to our well being ~ mind, body, and soul. 

Cold Gazpacho for Hot Summer Days
Menu May 27th


Herbal Tonics


Iced Cucumber Lime Water

Lemonade with Lavender Ice



Watermelon Mint & Feta Skewers

Garden Veggies  & Tahini Dressing


Blueberry Gazpacho with Lemon & Fresh Mint



Chickpea Salad
& Blue Corn Chips


Jalapeño Potato Salad
in Mason Jars




Spinach Salad with Raspberries & Pecans



Iced Coconut Cream & Chocolate Brownies with Carmel Sauce

Menu June 10th


Herbal Tonics

Lime & Mint Water
Raspberry Mint Lemonade & Frozen Grapes

Flatbread with Fresh Peaches & Ricotta or Sharp Cheddar

Garden Veggies  & Tahini Dressing



Watermelon Gazpacho


Orzo Melon Salad with Orange Poppyseed Dressing

Cucumber, Dill, Radish Salad  with Vegan Yogurt Dressing

Spinach Quinoa Quiche Bites

Fire Kissed Deviless Eggs



Baby Kale, Raspberry Salad w Pecans & Optional Blue Cheese


Iced Coconut Cream & Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Mint

Menu June 24th


Herbal Tonics

Fresh Watermelon Juice Spritzers with Mint

Lemonade with Lavender Ice



Peach Basil  Caprese

Tomato Mozzarella & Basil Skewers


Carrot & Ginger Gazpacho



Mini Spinach & Red Onion Quesadillas


Heat Wave Arugula Jalapeño Corn Salad with Sweet Dressing



Spinach Salad with
Peaches & Pecans




Iced Coconut Cream & Chocolate Brownies
with Fresh Fruit

Menu July 8th


Herbal Tonics

Blueberry Lemonade Cucumber Limeade



Melon & Cucumber Salad
with Red Onion Balsamic

Garden Veggies  & Tahini Dressing


Bright Beet & Blueberry Gazpacho



Green Wraps with Peanut Thai Dipping Sauce

Hearty Black Eye Pea Chopped Salad with Sweet Dressing & Cilantro




Spinach, Pear, Blueberry Salad




Iced Coconut Cream & Chocolate Brownies with Lavendar & Blueberries

Events Later this Summer...

Thursday July 12th


There's something special about a picnic. Picnics slow us down and connect us to nature and those sharing our picnic blanket. We are going to be slowing this picnic down even more and fully enjoying each bite with mindful eating.

$20 for the event includes a vegetarian picnic spread with one personal mason jar salad and a community spread of fresh fruits, crackers, vegetables, dips, and chocolates.


We will have some intentional time setting up the picnic within the first 20 minutes and then we will just enjoy our time together. Here's to being fully present to the moment this summer!


Only 10 spots available at the picnic blanket.

Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible because there are only 10 seats.

To stay up to date on all our events follow the Facebook Page for The Divine Life Playhouse

Heading 2

Events from last year That We Will Be Repeating Again Soon...

To stay up to date on all our events follow the Facebook Page for The Divine Life Playhouse

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