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Mason Jar Meals: lunch in a jar

Sometimes people ask me why I put all my food in mason jars.... It all started a few years ago when my work in real estate had me out and about in my city all day long and constantly searching for healthy food to eat while on the run.

I heard the phrase"food dessert" in my mind all the time as I drove from one mirage of healthy food to the next. It was hard to find lunch and snacks that were made with real, whole foods. Every where I looked I found overprocessed fast food, but it was hard to find plant based food that would actually nourish me. I noticed a few posts on the internet with salads in mason jars. They boasted that the jars kept the veggies fresh for days and I wondered if I could get the same benefits with some of my other favorite recipes. You see... I eat as many veggies as I can in a week. Most of the foods I make for lunch and dinner are chopped salads of some sort and one of the hardest things with eating FRESH food is keeping it FRESH for more than 24 hours.

I experimented with some of my favorite recipes and realized quickly that the mason jar was like a little food miracle for me!!

For one, they are reusable. No waste for the planet!

Two, they can be heated up in the oven or microwave.

Three, they are easy to sanitize because they dishwasher safe and don't leach plastic chemicals after multiple use.

Four, mason jars are freezer safe too! I often make large quantities and I freeze what I know can't be eaten within the week. All that and they are easily portable for lunch on the go. I put them in my lunch bag and take them with me anytime I am going to be gone for more the 4 or 5 hours.

I often pull over at the park and eat my lunch by the trees.

Mason jar lunches have become my life luxury. I immediately felt compelled to share my lunches with friends. Everyone kept asking for more. Soon I was making breakfast quiche, soups, bowls and sauces to drizzle on top all the salads. I am passionate about food.

We eat 3-6 times every single day. It is kinda important! What else do I do that many times everyday that is so pleasurable, connecting, good for my body, and impacting on my overall health.

Enjoy this website!

If you are local, bring your tastebuds to us. Try some of our plant-centric food. If you are global, follow us on the interweb and be inspired by our creative energy in the kitchen.

Let's change the world together. Let's build a new paradigm around food that leads every single one of us to a more vibrant, loving existence.

With infinite Love ! <3 Leslie Indigo



Take a deep breath before you start to prepare food.  Get yourself fully in the present moment so you can enjoy all the sensual pleasures of the food.



Let yourself have some freedom in the kitchen.   There is no one way to do any dish.  I often make little changes each time I make even a tried-and -true dish.    Let your taste buds lead you each time.   Maybe today you want a little more lemon or you want to toss in fresh herbs from the garden.

Be free!



Give GRATITUDE with the first bite. 
Take a pause.  Enjoy every nuisance of the flavors.   Give gratitude for the effort of farmers,  grocery hands,  your own hands, and the planet for giving you this food.

Thank you SOURCE, God.  Thank you. 

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